Surviving Christmas with Bling

Here are my Bling Survival Tips for Christmas:

  1. Define your BOUNDARIES
  2. Lighten up and LAUGH
  3. Create a daily INTENTION
  4. Choose to live in the NOW
  5. GRATITUDE is the best attitude

Realistically, the holidays can sometimes be full of frustration, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes with a sense of not belonging. Challenges with time, family or finances can make your Inner Peace seem so out of reach.

Here's a quick holiday life saver: ask for a Miracle!

When faced with situations that are less than perfect, imagine you could wave a magic wand... and tomorrow you could have everything exactly the way you want it.

What would you ask for?

How would you like it to be?

Don't waste time with the details - questioning yourself will only do your head in. Simply ask yourself the most important question to you: “How do you want your experience to be?”  

Imagine exactly how you want it and allow yourself to create your world differently. Then ask yourself what does your new experience allow you to attract into your life and how will you and others benefit? Why are all those things or feelings important to you?

Keep asking yourself these questions until you have clear answers about specific behaviors and things you could do right now - without anything else having to change.


As soon as you begin acting like the miracle has already happened, your good feelings and Inner Peace will return.

Radiate your positive energy and it will be reflected back to you... ALWAYS!

Make yours a very Merry Christmas!