The power of thought

Could it be possible that your life is really a reflection of how you think? Some say that when we change the way we think, everything around us changes.


Yes, we think a lot.  Almost all of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday and for many, the majority of those thoughts are negative.  If that's the case, is it any wonder there is so much unhappiness and frustration? 

So how can we change the way we think?  What are the tools to create positivity?

Are you ready for 5 BLING tips to energise your life through the power of thought?

You are now, and you become what you think about.
— Earl Nightingale

Invest Your Thoughts Wisely... Remember Friends: ” I CHOOSE “

Bling tips:

B: Be aware of every thought; they are affecting your body

L: Thoughts are living things and are like boomerangs. Choose your thoughts wisely

I: Reflect on your positive illuminating thoughts daily

N: Nip a bad thought when it’s a bud

G: Help the world by giving generously of your good thoughts


If you've ever tried to get something or someone out of your mind you know only too well it’s a challenge and can do your head in. 


Your thoughts influence your perception of everything that is happening around you. This is why the law of attraction is such a big topic.  Every thought produces waves of energy that radiate out and attract exactly what you believe to be true for you.   The information that matches your thought gets reflected back 10 times 10 fold.

So what thoughts are you choosing?

The quality of your thoughts produces the quality of your life. When you notice more of what goes on around you, life becomes richer with more positive thinking.

How different could your life be if you shifted more of your mental energy from negative to positive thinking? 

To have a different life you have to plant the seeds of positivity and nurture the thoughts produced. Until you learn how to distance yourself from your negative thoughts, your life will continue to repeat, day after day, the same feelings and results you've been experiencing - whether you are conscious of these or not. 

To nurture the positive power of your thoughts requires some dedication.  It takes daily repetition,  visualization, action and desire.  But it's worth it!  

Prolonged negativity causes tension, confusion and a lowered the immune system.  Many don't connect the appearance of rashes, pain, inflammation - or worse - with unconscious stress.

Choose your thoughts wisely, for they are creating your future.

The unconscious mind is a special realm of applied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that can make a huge difference to healing and positive change - quickly.


If you'd like to learn more, Bruce Lipton's website is worth a visit for more info on the field... it’s very cool.