Get back the butterflies in your relationship and feel the love in Spring!


Relationships are meant to feel good, feel supportive, and bring out the best in each other.  However, it's not always like that. Just like seasons, relationships and marriages will go through changes. And everyone goes through their fair share of ups and downs. It’s all part of being in a healthy relationship.


  1. Winter
  2. Spring
  3. Autumn
  4. Summer

In relationships we have the freedom to be ourselves, just as our partner does,  but we also have a responsibility to take the time to learn how to have healthy relationships.  This isn't easy if you're like me and didn't have great role models.  The secret is to learn and choose the actions, thoughts and behaviors that will improve our relationship so it's healthy, loving and fulfilling.

The seasons of a relationship correlate pretty closely to nature - although a season in a relationship can last months or years.  Spring is when we plant the seeds of love to build a strong foundation so that in Summer our relationship is wildly abundant with passion.

Summer gives us the ability to form a close bond.  It nurtures positive emotions and open communication that will carry us through  the changes in Autumn and the dispiriting months of Winter

With that being said, every single relationship has the potential to feel amazing, filled with abundant passion and love all year round. Here are my tips to help you navigate through the changing seasons with  BLING!


This is the season that offers a mad rush of so many delightful sensations. It is usually a time of joy, excitement, anticipation, new beginnings or starting over. Spring is the time for communicating, and making plans for the future. It's where our rose coloured glasses make our partner appear  perfect!

Bling tips:

  • You will hardly need any tips here because you will say the right things,  you will do the right things and feel fabulous in every moment like you're on a constant honey moon. 
  • Enjoy each and every moment. Be adventurous, spontaneous and indulge in every moment. Tell each other what it is about each other that you're grateful for, what you love about each other - and ask for help when you need it.
  • Spring is a great time to enjoy being playful - like teenagers in love!


This is the season where couple’s reap the benefits of all the work they've put into their relationship during the previous seasons. Summer is full of certainty, security and happiness. Summer is a time where couples rejoice in their rapid growth and delight in their continued discoveries of deep connection.

Bling tips:

  • It's important to spend quality time together.  Make sure you turn off computers, phones and TVs and enjoy life's luxuries.
  • It's time to go on a romantic getaway - just the two of you!
  • Summer is a great way for learning and growing and getting to know each other on an even deeper level.


Autumn is where you feel you and your partner are drifting apart. It may feel as if you've met a fork in the road because you are both growing as individuals. Your relationship probably looks good externally, but there are some feelings of rejection, discouragement or even sadness. But this is also a chance for you to grow closer. 

Bling tips:

  • Ignite the spark back into your relationship by enjoying more couple time together.  Date Night is a great start. Picnics, events, adventures - any positive steps to rekindle the passion in your relationship and become closer.
  • Couples may need to seek outside help, such as coaching, to help rejuvenate the love, passion and faith in their relationship.


Winter is the season where sometimes a volcano erupts.   It's the season in your relationship that has a common theme of hurt, frustration, and disappointment. For many long time couples they may feel they're forever in a Winter. But there is hope!

Bling tips:

  • Become great at listening again -  get close and have a snuggle with your partner by the fireplace.  We can tend to become lazy in our relationship and ignore our partners cues.  Communication suffers and we grow apart.
  • Listening is fundamental to effective communication.  Opening up effective communication is how you can change your winter to spring. When our partner knows we are truly listening to them, magic happens!

I hope you find these Bling Tips useful.  Love is there for everybody!

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