The Five Secrets Of Love Languages Explained

Did you know that most us never learn the language of the love our partner 'speaks'?  We're too busy trying to get what we want instead.  Everyone needs to feel loved. It's vital to know how you enjoy being loved, but also how to properly love others.

Want to know the biggest relationship secret of all?  Love your partner in the love language they desire and let them know how you love to be loved!  

Of course, the only way you can truly connect with your man is to make sure you also have a good relationship with yourself. So a quick overview of Dr Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages" is sure to start you in the right direction of knowing how both you and your partner like to give love and receive love.

Where do you see your love language(s)?

1. Verbal Lovers. 

Some people just like to hear gestures of love such as "I love you", "You look amazing in that dress", "You always know how to cheer me up" and "I appreciate everything that you do."  For this type of person, you'll want to provide constant encouragement, never letting things go unsaid.

Praise him in front of friends and family.  When you verbally show your appreciation be sure to watch his chest puff and for him to ooze happiness! 

2. Time Spent Together. 

One of the love languages has to do with spending quality time with your man where he is your main focus!  No phones (sorry girlfriends), TV or your beautiful children.  This is about making him feel that he is the number 1 priority in your life and you are totally dedicated to him.  Come on ladies! Yes you can! You know you want to feel number 1 too!

Date night is one of my favorite activities  where you can choose things to do together like movies, dining or dancing.  Day time dates can also be fun.

3. The Gift Giver

Have you noticed that your partner may enjoy giving and receiving gifts?  Greedy?  Not at all. They are someone who sees gifts as proof that your relationship is deepening. It's so easy to leave loving cards and notes in drawers or a lunch box for him to find. 

Make the effort to spend at least a little money on occasional gifts that are meaningful, even if you're a big saver.  Or make some homemade gifts -  he will be blown away.

4. “The Doing” 

When it comes those whose love language is communicating through actions, an act of service is something men love. Getting this right means thinking ahead and doing things for him that are important to him.  Domestic chores can cause problems when who's doing what is unclear. When you do for him the things he dislikes doing he will think the world of you!

We can also do lovely things for him such as cooking his favorite dish, ironing a shirt or maybe even washing his car (with lots of soap)! 

5. Physical Affection

The physical affection love language can get complicated if your love language is not physical and you're not used to simple touches like cuddling, a gentle rub of their back, holding their hand. Of course this love language extends to lovemaking - and a combination of making love at home, and simple touches in public is what makes him feel important and loved.

Figure out which kinds of touches your partner enjoys - and ask if he's enjoying it.  You don't want him to be irritated by something when you're trying to make him happy.

The Combination

As your relationship deepens, you'll get to know each other better and better.  Open discussion so that you both know what each other's language of love is.  You may find that you or your partner has more than one love language.

If you would like to spend some more time with me and learn more about how to apply these tips in your relationship now to create a totally fulfilling and satisfying relationship, click here.

Enjoy creating a relationship you love now and always.

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