Want to know how to create affirmations that really work?  The following easy tips will help you to create affirmations that are extremely powerful and effective.

Use this worksheet to write affirmations that can help you change your mindset, eliminate bad habits, create good habits, and attract the life you desire.

Remember, your affirmations should be Positive, Personal (use the word “I”,  “me”, and “my”), and use Present Tense (as if you already exhibit that trait).

♥     I am. . .

♥     I have. . .

♥     I’m willing . . .

♥     I welcome . . .

♥     I radiate. . .

♥     I attract . . .

You can use affirmations to make a difference in many areas of your life: finances, relationships, spirituality, attitude, physically, habits you wish to break, and habits you would like to form.

We’ve listed some of the areas you may wish to strengthen below:

YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE – your career, income, investments, and savings

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS –  with your partner, lover , parents, children, or friends

YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH –  for eating right, exercising, and good health

YOUR ATTITUDE –  your success mindset, and confidence

YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE – your inner peace, faith, and deeper purpose

HABITS YOU WANT TO BREAK – addictions like smoking, drinking, over-eating

GOOD HABITS YOU WANT TO ENCOURAGE – like exercise, happiness, and communication

You Are Gorgeous!

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