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Make 2014 the year of “I choose!”

Just about every woman makes a New Year’s Resolution. It might be to make more money for that exciting holiday in Europe, have a fabulous relationship full of passion and appreciation, enjoying a healthier life style and all that good stuff ... and yet we often find ourselves at the end of the year reflecting that we have not done what we set out to do. 

Say with conviction “I CHOOSE” and don’t let that happen to you in 2014.

It’s time to do something for YOU! 

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Surviving Christmas with Bling

Here are my Bling Survival Tips for Christmas:

  1. Define your BOUNDARIES
  2. Lighten up and LAUGH
  3. Create a daily INTENTION
  4. Choose to live in the NOW
  5. GRATITUDE is the best attitude

Realistically, the holidays can sometimes be full of frustration, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes with a sense of not belonging. The challenges to your Inner Peace seem so out of reach.

Here's a quick holiday life saver: ask for a Miracle!

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