apply for the Diamond Club

Designed especially for graduates of our Boutique Workshops and our Ruby Coaching, this nurturing club provides you with the skills and support you need to continue on your journey of finding - and keeping - your Bling!

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Life will always test you, perhaps with a relationship hiccup, a health problem, or any other life disappointment and can derail you from your journey towards creating the life you love.

It's important to have the skills to move through those times and not step back -  especially when your dreams are only just around the corner.  Diamond Club provides you with the skills and support you need to push through life’s little hiccups and get back on track to creating a life you love. 

What an amazing, inspirational, gorgeous woman! Angie, you have shown me how to change all aspects of my life...You gave me the tools to improve my marriage and my relationships with my sons and for that I am truly grateful.
— Kathryn, Senior Legal Assistant

What’s included?

  • Monthly cutting edge inspirational classes designed with you in mind to laugh and grow together

  • Held in Sydney and Canberra (as a member you're notifed by Angie of dates and times)
  • The opportunity to connect with like-minded women
  • Access to Angie via phone, text or email
  • Surprises throughout the month
  • Be connected to the Find Your Bling Village community board!

Monthly membership is only $150. Discounts apply when you join for a whole year. Click the button below to ask Angie for more details.


I'd love to join Diamond Club and continue my journey with you!