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ARE YOU READY to find your diamond within?


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Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought wow, I thought my life would have been different to this. I thought things would have been further along the way than what I’m experiencing right now. That I'd have more money in the bank. That I'd have more time with my family and friends. That I’d have a relationship I longed for. Or that life would be easier than what it is.

Have you ever thought that?

If you have I want to let you know you're not alone and I’ve been there too.

But what if I could tell you that I truly know that there is a way that you can you can change your energy, so that you can have the life that you truly desirer. Plus we clear all thoseblocks that are holding you back. That are keeping you from having what you deep down truly deserve.

Let my long road be your short road!

- Angie


Here's how I can help you start living the life you deserve


meditations for just $7.77

Take some time out to relax and reconnect

If you have a busy and demanding life (and who doesn't these days), taking time out to meditate is a great way to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with what’s important to you. To help you get there, I've created a series of Guided Meditations that bring insights on a range of topics including health, happiness, abundance, healing, overcoming fears and much more.


$65 introductory workshop

A chance to Find out what bling is all about 

Are you at a fork in the road? Or feeling like you want more out of life? Then come and find out what Bling is all about at my Introductory Workshop. Over the course of three hours - and many cups of tea or coffee - we’ll use the techniques of Louise Hay to teach you strategies that help you be who you want to be, do what you want to do and attract those you love.


Boutique 12-week workshop

A supportive journey with like-minded women

Do you find yourself asking how did I get here? Are you feeling run down and as if the world rests heavily on your shoulders? Wondering what went wrong along the way? This 12-week workshop equips you with a series of simple (but powerful) life lessons that help you cut through the baggage and bring abundance into your life.


Personal Coaching

One-on-one-personal coaching with Angie

Feeling like something needs to change? If there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be  life coaching is a great way to get back on track. Via phone, Skype or in person, Angie will give you the confidence to move forward by giving you the support, structure and tools you need to find the answers inside you and start living the fulfilling life you deserve.

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21-Day Bling Blast

An online personal development course

This online six-module course teaches you powerful insights that will help you put the fun back in your life - no matter where you are now.  Over our 21 days together, I'll be sharing my best secrets of how to live with your Bling and for the next month I'm giving you one whole year access for FREE.  The 21-Day Bling Blast will raise your vibration and give you powerful tools to find your diamond within - all from the comfort of your own home!


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Diamond Club Membership

A safe space where you can continue to grow your bling

 Diamond Club was created especially for graduates of my Boutique 12-Week Workshop. One evening a month, Diamond Club members meet in Sydney to grow and laugh together. Membership also allows you to connect with me via phone, text and email.

  • I did the last Find Your Bling course; it was at a time in my life where I had no real direction...I now have motivation and self belief and know that I am now strong enough to handle anything that comes my way.
    — Tracey, Business owner
  • Angie’s courses and teachings changed my life. Quite literally. I made huge leaps forward and amazing breakthroughs in all areas of my life...I absolutely cannot recommend Angie and these courses highly enough.
    — Louise, Senior Public Servant
  • What an amazing, inspirational, gorgeous woman! Angie, you have shown me how to change all aspects of my life...You gave me the tools to improve my marriage and my relationships with my sons and for that I am truly grateful.
    — Kathryn, Senior Legal Assistant
  • I recommend ‘Find Your Bling’ to everyone!...From the moment I arrived I have met the most wonderful inspiring teacher (Angie)...I feel so empowered and it is the BEST thing I have ever done for MYSELF.
    — Debbie, Public Servant
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In just three sessions with you Angie my life has turned around. I am happier than I can remember being in a long, long while.
    — Jane, Practice Manager
  • My coaching experience with Angie has not only helped me in my relationship, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am. I understand what makes me tick.
    — Paula, Sydney
  • I’ve been working with Angie for the past 18 months and it has helped me so much through my journey of separation...I can’t thank her enough for my new outlook on life!
    — Ellin, Sydney

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