Make each day easier with these awesome bling products!

I completely believe in all of the products I recommend to you. No exceptions!

- Angie xx

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21 Day Bling Blast

An online personal development course TO MAKE EACH DAY EASIER

This online 6 Module boost teaches you powerful insights that will help you put the fun back in your life - no matter where you are now. I'll be sharing with you all my best secrets of how to live with your Bling. The 21 Day Bling Blast will raise your vibration and give you powerful tools to find your diamond within - in the comfort of your own home!

P.S. Get ready for loads of laughter!


Boutique workshops 

Find Your Bling’s boutique workshops are uplifting and inspirational, filled with fun, laughter and purposely kept small and intimate. Come on a journey with Angie through one or all three of the workshops and learn more about yourself and connect with like-minded women.

Workshops are held in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne throughout the year.



with certified louise hay teacher - Angie 

Transform your life! This workshop is all about turning breakdown into breakthrough and creating the life you love. Using her experience as a Louise Hay facilitator, Angie will teach you how to create happiness in your life and find the diamond within.


How to Be a Queen and Have a King

It’s all about you and your relationship

This workshop teaches you how to understand men and the way they interpret your words and body language (via the three secrets of love essential for lasting, passionate and loving relationships). You'll be shocked when you see how easy it is to have a man begging for you! 


Unleash Your Intuition

Connect with the vibration of abundance

Want to connect with yourself again? This workshop will reignite your natural ability to connect with your vibrations of abundance, happiness, health and romance. Because when you're connected to your intuitive insights, you hold the key to living a life of happiness.


Find Your Bling Coaching

One-on-one personal coaching with Angie

Feeling lost in life? If there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be – consider life coaching. Via phone, Skype or in person, Angie will give you the confidence to move forward by giving you the support, structure and tools you need to find the answers inside you and start living the fulfilling life you deserve.

Diamond Club

A safe space where you can continue to grow your bling

 Diamond Club was created especially for graduates of the Boutique Workshops and Ruby Coaching. One evening a month, Diamond Club members meet in Sydney to grow and laugh together. Membership also allows you to connect with Angie throughout the month via phone, text and email. Plus you get access to the Find Your Bling Village community board!

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These beautiful and gentle affirmation cards will gift you with insights and ‘aha’ moments to help you get through your day. Inside, you'll find 60 brightly coloured cards that will inspire and encourage you. 

The cards, which  retail for $25, have already been designed and we can't wait to start stocking them.  But we don't want to produce any until we're sure that women like you actually want them! 

You can help us gauge demand by registering your interest below. We'll then be in touch once they're available to order.