12-Week Boutique Workshop

12-Week Boutique Workshop

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought wow, I thought my life would have been different to this. I thought things would have been further along the way than what I’m experiencing right now. I thought I'd have more money in the bank, or I thought I'd have more time with my family and friends. I thought by now I’d have a relationship I longed for and I thought life would easier than what it is.

If the answers to your questions were ‘yes’, then this 12-week workshop, based on the teachings of Louise Hay, might be just what you need.

Oh Angie, Thank you for creating this marvellous experience. I am ever so grateful for your helping me find a way to get some clarity and put into words who I am and what I aim for my life now. Before it felt like I was trapped in crazy unpredictable rapids - now I’m a smoother flowing stream. I'm sure there will be some twists and turns and that every now and then I’ll take off on another tangent, but it will be in the direction of my calmer waters.

- Maria, Dentist, Sydney (2018 intake)

What does the course cover?

Over the course of 12-weeks, I’ll equip you with a series of simple (put powerful) life lessons that will help you rediscover your Bling, shed baggage and bring abundance into your life. These include:

  • Creating a positive mindset that helps you manifest what you desire

  • Shedding self doubt and overcoming negative thoughts

  • Learning how to feel lighter and empowered

  • Overcoming negative thought patterns

  • Rediscovering your self-confidence

What’s included

Every women receives access to me throughout the 12 weeks. This includes emails phone calls and lots of surprises and bonuses at your weekly workshops - but I can’t tell you everything because it will spoil all the wonderful surprises I have for you!

So whether you’re dreaming of a passionate loving relationship, the career of your dreams, vibrant health or wonderful friendships - this course will give you the strategies you need to clear away the blocks that are holding you back and the secrets of manifesting abundance.

Where and when is it held?

Sydney - Starting Tuesday 4 September 2018 (6.30pm to 9pm) - for 12 weeks
Canberra - Starting Wednesday 5 September 2018 (6.30 to 9pm) - for 12 weeks

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Love. Magic. Healing. These were just a few of the many wonderful feelings I experienced when I attended Angie’s 12-Week Bling course. I have attended many of Angie’s one-day workshops in the past few years and found that meeting on a weekly basis with the Bling girls was incredible. The beautiful energy and serene space that was created by Angie felt peaceful and safe and I couldn’t wait for Monday to arrive fast enough. It truly felt like home! Thank you Angie for what you have created for women. Genuine, authentic and truly life changing. Can’t wait for Diamond Club! 
- E Amalfi, Business owner, Sydney (2018 intake)

Where is the course held?

I have venues in Sydney and Canberra. The upcoming course dates are listed above. If you can't make it to these courses, I also offer an online 21-Day Bling Blast, which is a great place to start to get your Bling on from the comfort of your home.

What makes me qualified to lead this group?

Don't worry, I'm no super-coach that is out of touch with the real world. Believe me, I've been let down, betrayed, misunderstood and lost everything along the way. This probably sounds similar to what you’re experiencing right now. I've seen it and done it, but now feel like I have turned my life around and you can too.

I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn't learned the secret of Louise Hay and many other outstanding mentors. The change their teachings brought to my life is what set me on the path to becoming a qualified Louise Hay teacher, master NLP practitioner and life coach - and help women like you.