Meditation: Candle meditation

Meditation: Candle meditation


This guided meditation will help you to visualise gazing into a candle flame and imagine that the flame is an entrance way to expand your world and welcome in a miracle…

Duration: 10 minutes
File type: MP3
File size: 15 MB

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Benefits of meditation

Studies show that:

  • Meditation improves the immune system
  • Meditation help you respond more effectively in stressful situations
  • Meditation helps with making clearer decisions and ignites your creativity

Who will benefit from meditation

All women - you’ll feel particular benefit if you:

  • Are time-poor and feel overcommitted
  • Are experiencing stress or anxiety
  • Work in a demanding job
  • Are juggling the many demands of daily life
  • Are ready to manifest something new

The wonderful thing about guided meditation is that it is designed to help you connect with everything within yourself. Your peace, your power and give you insights as to how you can create something new and release blocks that are holding you back.

So clear the energy and create a space for the new in your life today!