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I did the last Find Your Bling course; it was at a time in my life where I had no real direction. Each day felt like the movie Ground Hog Day. I lacked self-esteem, motivation, inspiration and laughter.

I wanted more from my life.

I found the course to be incredibly insightful. I found other women were stuck in the same spot as me, so it was great to work through issues together and I also found out things about myself that I didn’t know.

I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to move forward, get inspired, laugh a lot and make some wonderful friends.

Angela provides a great space to vent, to be yourself and not feel judged and move through blocks and beliefs that are holding you back. It has changed my life!

I now have motivation and self belief and know that I am now strong enough to handle anything that comes my way.
— Tracey, Business Owner
I can honestly say I “found my Bling”! My Bling is self-discovery of who I am and bringing it out for the world to see.

Angie’s guidance and support has made it all possible. I move on with the new me.
— Irena, Office Manager
What an amazing, inspirational, gorgeous woman!

Angie, you have shown me how to change all aspects of my life. I loved coming to your class each week so excited to learn something new. I was stuck in my life and I could feel that there was more.

You made every class so special with the information and of course the little pressies on the way. You gave me the tools to improve my marriage and my relationships with my sons and for that I am truly grateful.

Angie, you are a beautiful person and I thank you so much for your support and love.
— Kathryn, Senior Legal Assistant
I recommend ‘Find Your Bling’ to everyone! I have spent a fortune on enrolling and not completing various courses trying to find what ‘I’ needed. It was through accidentally bumping into a friend that I heard about Angie.

From the moment I arrived I have met the most wonderful inspiring teacher (Angie) and without a doubt made life- long friends with the other members of the group. We are all so different which makes the meetings very interesting and thought provoking.

I love that there is no judgement, criticism and you feel free to ask questions, make comments for further assistance in working out any issues.

It is soul searching which can reactivate old wounds but the end result is that you develop a TOOLKIT to go on and have the most fulfilling life that you choose.

I feel so empowered and it is the BEST thing I have ever done for MYSELF.
— Debbie, Public Servant
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In just three sessions with you Angie my life has turned around.

I am happier than I can remember being in a long, long while. Shedding the old baggage from my life is like a weight lifting off my shoulders. Everyone is commenting on how happy and glowing I am.

You are such a positive, upbeat and gorgeous lady and you transfer that to others, easily and effortlessly. Working with you is awesome.
— Jane, Practice Manager
Thanks to you my relationship with my Mum has shifted from one of friction and uneasiness, to one of acceptance and admiration… and for that I will always be grateful.

With much love and gratitude.
— Catherine, NLP Practitioner
In the past few years I have attended many of Angie’s workshops and been lucky enough to also do one-on-one sessions, all of which have been fabulous and enriched my life.

One of my favourites was How To be A Queen and Have a King. This workshop was so much fun and an absolute must for every woman. I learnt so much about myself and so many tools that have given me so much more confidence and have helped me form my dream relationship.

I feel so fulfilled in myself and my relationship and I still reflect on the tools I learnt in that workshop all the time. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I would highly, highly recommend it anyone.
— Emma, Salon Owner
Working with Angie was really easy and lots of fun. She knows exactly the questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter and to make you feel comfortable.

She helped me realise that I was saying ‘yes’ to things I didn’t want in my life. She helped me come up with ways to deal with my insecurities and make sure I was truthful with what I want in a relationship. I am a Queen!
— Karen, Executive PA
I had no idea where each session was going but I loved every moment of working with Angie. I have improved my relationship with myself and my family.

She is so insightful, I love how easy she makes the process of growing in every session easy. I have gained so many insights in to my relationship with my husband and I’m much happier in myself.

Thank you Angie for your warmth, it’s been a life changing experience.
— Trish, Sydney
Finding my Bling was just the tip of the iceberg!

What I have found from this experience is that there is love in this world for me and it starts in believing in me.

Thank you for making a space for me to step up.
— Jacqui, Engineer
Angie’s courses and teachings changed my life. Quite literally. I made huge leaps forward and amazing breakthroughs in all areas of my life.

Since doing the courses, I have lost weight, gained health, vitality and peace of mind, made wonderful new friends, improved all the existing relationships in my life, progressed in my career and fallen in love.

Angie and her teachings have been instrumental in bringing about these positive changes in my life, and the investment I made has well and truly paid off, so many times over.

I absolutely cannot recommend Angie and these courses highly enough. If you are ready and want to change your life for the better, you have found the right place!
— Louise, Senior Public Servant
I had the joyous experience of attending the 2-Day ‘Heal Your Life’ workshop hosted by the gorgeous Angie!

As soon as I entered the amazing space that Angie set up, I felt safe, secure and excited about what was to come.

The entire weekend was such an amazing experience. It was very well structured and organised, the flow was great and it all made sense. Even the experiences that I was not so sure about turned out to be wonderful.

I really feel I learned so much about myself, my relationships, my past, my future and how I work.

I loved the workshop and have put what I learned into practice and it is already paying off!
— Alisha, Accounts Manager
Angie, I am truly grateful! I didn’t know what to expect from my NLP sessions...I sincerely felt a shift of letting go of old hurts, which in turn has been instrumental in me finding my peace.

My life has found its RHYTHM!! Thank you.
— Simone, Manager
I can’t believe how much I’ve loved attending this course!

In a supportive and nurturing environment, these amazing women have provided me with a toolkit to combat destructive negative thoughts and niggling self-doubt.

This course has truly been a transformational journey as it has freed me from the shackles of self-imposed limitations. I have formed amazing friendships with the other women on the course and have seen them blossom from week to week.

I feel quietly proud that I have unleashed the real me and made a commitment to a happier and more fulfilling life. An unbelievably empowering experience. These brilliant courses should be mandatory for all women!
— Helen, Lawyer
I completed the Find Your Bling course and found it life changing. To release the baggage of the past and embrace the future helped me realise the potential of living my life in the present .

I met a fantastic group of people who encouraged and supported me through the transition. I also completed the twelve week program which reinforced all that I had learned.

Angie is an inspirational and passionate woman about her work and the courses she delivered – I would recommend the courses to anyone at any stage in their life.
— Katrina, Assistant Director
Working with Angie has given me a voice in my relationship that I have never before experienced. When things start to slip between us I go back to those Queen and King values.

Thank you Angie for showing me how to recognise my strengths and weakness and to deal with my shortcomings in a fun way.
— Tracey, Manager Sydney
I’ve been working with Angie for the past 18 months and it has helped me so much through my journey of separation.

Angie has such an infectious zest for life and love, you can’t help but be inspired and motivated. Her courses and one-on-one sessions have you feeling powerful refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Angie speaks from wonderful knowledge and personal experience and has tested everything she teaches so the experience is a lot more personal. I can’t thank her enough for my new outlook on life!
— Ellin, Sydney
My coaching experience with Angie has not only helped me in my relationship, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am. I understand what makes me tick.

She has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures that allow me to feel good about myself. My sessions with Angie are always energising.
— Paula, Sydney